I am a mature escort and I offer myself for your pleasure. My services include all-over sensual, erotic and relaxing caressing, (some refer to it as Tantric), cuddling, kissing, masturbation, and full intercourse (always with protection and not anal). I am happy to receive oral (and can provide protection if you prefer) and very happy to give it (protected).

There will always be time for you to tell me what you need and I will take the time to ensure you get the feelings and pleasure you desire. But nothing needs to happen if you don't want it to. Our journey can be slow and as gentle as you wish. I am extremely patient and will go at your pace.

I am happy to see males or females, from age 35 up, with no upper age limit. I don’t have a premises, so meeting at a hotel or your home should be arranged please.

I am professional and will always be respectful of your confidentiality; I would appreciate the same. I wouldn’t make an appointment with you until we’ve spoken to establish whether I can fulfil your desires. Therefore, if you email me, please give me a number I can call you on, and an appropriate time to call. And if you call me, please don’t withhold your number, as I may not answer it. However, if after we’ve spoken, it appears I can’t fulfil your needs, I have the details of someone trustworthy who may be better suited to you.

I accept only cash payments and would prefer to complete the ‘commercial’ part of our arrangement at the start of our meeting.

I enjoy giving and receiving physical and sexual pleasure. I believe it’s the right of every living being, but only if it’s enjoyed consensually, of course. I have my boundaries and I expect you do, too. I will respect yours and would appreciate you respecting mine.

I love exploring my clients’ thoughts and feelings and encouraging them to open up to me, telling me what they really want. When I’m able to be passionate with a client, it makes me so happy. I feel very natural in a place where people can explore and enjoy their sexuality, and for me to be able to contribute to someone’s pleasure gives me great satisfaction.

However, it’s important for all my clients to know that I have no expectations whatsoever. I don’t expect them to ‘perform’. It’s not important to me if intercourse doesn’t take place, or any sexual act, for that matter. What is important is that there are no feelings of intimidation or embarrassment. I value mutual respect and dignity, and I will always strive for mutual enjoyment, whatever that means to us both at the time.

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