Reading extensively about sex and disability, I can see that in other European countries, the focus is turning more towards assistance in this area. I have been searching for opportunities to become a ‘sexual assistant’ in the UK, but from what I can see, they don’t exist. But perhaps I’m missing something. In some countries, clients are referred to sexual assistants via clinics, hospitals and care establishments. Does anyone know who can help me in this area?

I’ve been an escort for a lot of years, but my experience and maturity means that my approach towards my clients is completely different to what it was when I began, or to that of some other ‘sex workers’. My wish is for my clients to enjoy a pleasurable experience, not just feel that I’m there solely for their, or my, orgasm. The point is that intimacy and enjoying sensuality together is more important than the happy ending itself. Touching, caressing, talking and kissing, all contribute to a fulfilling and wholesome sharing of time. Besides, if one isn’t used to receiving attention like this, imagine how mutually enjoyable it’ll be! In every case, it can be a truly satisfying and erotic experience.

Another area that I’ve recently been reading about is that of assisted masturbation. For some, it’s impossible to self-pleasure, but masturbation has been proven to contribute to our well-being. For women and men, it clears the pipes of toxins and can actually reduce the likelihood of some diseases. (I’m assuming here that what I’ve recently read on the internet about this is accurate.) But some people don’t know where to begin with this, or how to self-pleasure, even if they can touch themselves. Apart from that, of course, some people, too many in my opinion, have been raised to believe that masturbation is wrong, dirty, naughty, bad for you. It’s none of those things. Just the opposite is true.

I’m a great believer in being up front and personal when it comes to manually or orally pleasuring. Guys (and girls), have a really good look when you’re down there. Women aren’t all made the same you know! And girls (and guys), ask your man how he likes to be stroked. This gets people communicating and sharing what they really want. And, who knows, it may just be a lot more fun than guessing!

In any case, if you don’t know how to please yourself, how can you direct your lover? Your body is beautiful and was created for pleasure. Or else why were we given senses? Our feelings and senses shouldn’t be suppressed, they should be developed, to heighten our enjoyment of all that we can.